Bristol Christmas Market

Christmas is our specialty, and we don’t just enjoy it, we LOVE it!

Creating large Christmas events in local High streets, shopping centers or parks is our passion and seeing the joy our seasonal solutions bring to the people of the UK is what spurs us on to keep improving and evolving.

Six to eight months before the Christmas Event launch, our team creates a tailored EMP together with the local SAG and establishes all needs and fine details to set up the biggest event of the year on the local high street.

We work with local BIDs, shops, and SAG to ensure a positive experience for all local businesses and residents for the busiest and most magical time of the year. Our events drive footfall for local shops and create a social hub for the community counteracting the steady decline in visitor numbers to town centers which can lead to an increase in financial income projection to local authorities and commercial landlords

We liaise with local transport and crane companies to get 25 trucks worth of our equipment to its destination with minimal disruption to local businesses and have our professional rig teams work around the clock to set up our Christmas chalets, decorations, and other equipment with minimal disruption to local trade.

By assessing every town centre with the guidance of the local (council?) we ensure a memorable Christmas extravaganza tailored to local needs. Our planning team will create a solution that will turn even the darkest corner into a magical setting ready for that perfect Christmas selfie.

All Christmas equipment, including chalets and decorations, is owned by us and is regularly replaced and updated. This gives us maximum control over the standard and quality of the products provided and results in a finished look no matter the size of the event.

A professional marketing campaign is the backbone of each successful event we deliver. The goal is to increase footfall to its maximum and engage with nationwide tour operators and coach travel operatives to draw in visitors from afar. These marketing strategies can start as early as January for maximum impact.

Running the event successfully and smoothly with the highest customer experience in mind is what we care about. Our Christmas Events are aimed at any age, gender, or ethnicity.

When Relevention (formerly GE) took  over Bristol’s Christmas Market in 2018 it was an established seasonal event with lots of potential, but always standing in the shadow of its nearby competitor. With the right investment, makeover, and strong marketing strategy Bristol’s Christmas Market in now officially recognized by the English press as one of the best Christmas Markets in England.

We could keep going on about Christmas all year round…

At the Bristol Christmas Market:

We supported Bristol’s Christmas Market with a TV ad using Sky AdSmart that targeted the local area, presence on ITV, local
radio promotions and local press ads both on and off line.

This was supported by a comprehensive social media plan that utilized organic and paid posts, reaching 750k people.

We also developed two local charity partnerships with donations going to both. Thanks to the event’s huge success, we have been appointed to run the Bristol Christmas Market for the next 3 years.

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